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Theatre @ Home packs

If your child is missing theatre and you’re looking for fun drama and creative arts based activities to enjoy in the comfort of your home, we have developed our LYT THEATRE@HOME packs.


These free resources are available for our students (and any other child in Largs who has an interest in theatre) and are based on their age level per our classes, and each week our classes are off a new pack will be sent out. 


We have two options available, solo packs and sibling packs, as the beauty of theatre can be enjoyed by your child with you, or with their siblings encouraging teamwork and hopefully keeping the peace! 


To obtain a pack (sent digitally) email us with your childs first name and school year, and please state whether you wish to receive the solo or sibling packs - all free of charge.

Social Distancing Project

Our senior tutor Laura Edison is devising a show for the community primarily with the kids from LYT but we are also hoping that adults from the theatre community in Largs will join in. She is writing the script with Siân Campbell composing.


We’re looking for source material in the form of Distance Diaries: diaries being kept by anyone of any age during the current crisis. This can be as simple as weekly, describing what you’ve done, finding a photo/ drawing a picture that expresses your time, bullet point 5 words about how you feel etc.

Once this is all over we will collect and build the show which we plan to put on for free for the community. If you’d like to take part we would love it if you kept a diary and shared it with us. There’s no obligation to perform we just want the source material to be an accurate depiction of how people cope with the crisis. Email us if you need further info or to let us know you’ll participate. 

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